Do You Moodle? Three Helpful Resources

from Free Technology for Teachers
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external image Picture+3.pngIf you're a Moodle user Moodle Tutorials could be a great reference for you. Moodle Tutorials provides a free place for users to share the video tutorials that they create. As long as your video is about Moodle, you can contribute to Moodle Tutorials. Every video on the Moodle Tutorials website is accompanied by an embed code and a download option.

external image Picture+3.pngJoyce Seitzinger, author of the Cat's Pyjamas blog, has a great one sheet guide for Moodle using teachers. The guide is essentially a chart of things that you can do with Moodle and how those things can help you reach your pedagogical objectives.

Here's how the guide is read, pick a task such as "create a news forum" on the side of the chart then find an objective on the top of the chart. Follow the two columns to where they meet to find a color coded explanation of why a forum might be good for dissemintating information, but not so good for assessing learning.

You can download the chart here or explore the Cat's Pyjamas here.

external image Picture+10.pngRussell Stannard runs an excellent website Teacher Training Videos. Included in his catalog of free videos are tutorials for using Moodle.