NHS mentoring guide

Please read through the NHS Senior School Mentoring Rationale document, familiarise yourself with the record sheet and read the reports for those students allocated to you.
Identify a time with your student(s) to meet regularly, at least once a fortnight.
In the first meeting try to complete the record sheet (given the time allowances this may take more than one session). The student may chose to amend the responses after giving the questions some thought.
With the vast majority of our students, underachievement stems from poor attendance or work completion. Please take the time to suggest effective strategies for each individual. There is no single strategy that is a panacea and each student case needs to be treated individually.
For many students just meeting regularly to discuss progress will help immensely.
The impact of the mentoring will be measured by progress checks and reports at the end of term.
If you are having any problems with the process please alert me early on. If you have any suggestions to make the process more effective please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Please find attached a mentoring pack for each student you will mentor.

Tips for mentors
Connecting with students
Student Welfare
Study or Homework?
Study Skills and Memory
Study Tips
Note Making
Keeping a Revision Journal
Time Management