Did you know that 80% of detail is lost unless it is revised within 24 hours?

A revision journal makes it possible to keep track of material to be revised in a systematic way.
Writing time for your revision journal needs to be scheduled each day-preferably at the same time so that it becomes a habit (10 minutes for each subject will keep material fresh in your memory)
· when information is used regularly it is kept alive and accessed easily
· practice and rehearsal enhances long-term learning
· making time to critically review material learned keeps it alive
· using a number of sensory channels to record and recall information is important -so use colour, visuals, diagrams to record learning
· we recall information more readily if it has a strong association with our experience or something else we know -so make connections
· reflecting on HOW we are learning is just as important as reflecting on what we are learning -so record strategies or ways of doing a task that worked for you
RECALL REVISE a quote, information, facts, go through your notes for the day. Rewrite them in another form eliminating irrelevant words.
· how this new information connects to what you know
· The gaps in your understanding. Identify what you're still unsure of
· The strategies used. Ask yourself 'How else can I approach this essay?'
· your concerns, anxieties
PRACTICE writing introductions topic sentences, essay plans, short-answers SELF-TEST checking for understanding
If you share your revision journal with your teacher it will help them to help you by
· clarifying your uncertainties
· giving them the opportunity to talk to you about your anxieties
· offering you other ways (strategies) for approaching a task
· knowing you better as a learner
When you revisit your revision journal at the end of the year you will have seen your growth as a learner and you will look at what you have learned with new eyes and a deeper understanding.
We shall cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time